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TonicU was founded to answer the need for training from an industry leader with actual brand experience.

Fiona has taught at universities, colleges, industry workshops and one-on-one (in-person and via webinars). Her students find her methods interesting, entertaining and effective.

Get up-to-date: Nothing is as it was in social media

From Supermoon to Super2017 $399

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Feeling overwhelmed? Like you know way less than you did 3 months ago?

It’s ok. 2016 is the year everything changed. Dramatically.

Just when you thought you knew the platforms – they changed. Then they started copying each other. Now they seem all blended together. And we were left thinking of the ones that didn’t – are they still relevant?

Blame it on the recent Supermoon but I want to offer you a special package to make the most of what is left of 2016 – and get you ready for 2017. Here’s what you’ll get from me:

  • 2 hours of my time (carved up to suit your schedule, via phone/Skype/FaceTime), 1-1 talking about your business
  • The #1 goal of your brand in 2017
  • The audience you should go after
  • The two social media platforms that work the best for your brand
  • How to tap in to free and engaging mass audiences
  • Tip Sheets, including
    • Tricks and secrets that will help you be more efficient and effective
    • 25 ideas for Facebook Live/Instagram Stories and SnapChat that your competitors haven’t thought of
    • 30 post ideas for Jan
    • How to create a content calendar using free tools
    • What analytics to pay attention to and how to make use of them

To sign up click on the Supermoon image. If you have questions first, contact Fiona directly.

Our signature course: Stop Selling. Help Them Buy.

Change the social presence of your brand in 4 weeks.



Are you currently using social media but not getting any results? Or worse, are you harming your brand and amplifying the damage? Are you wondering if you are on the right social media platform for your business goals? Are you using the platform(s) the right way to get the results you want? Are you comfortable with traditional marketing but social media just seems like a waste of time? Do you understand all the tips and tricks when posting for yourself but stumped when it’s your business? Are you spending money on content management systems when you could be using free tools? Are you scared to use social media? Do you think that your customers are just not on social media? (Trust me they are!)



Each week there will be a 60min webinar on Tuesday at 1pm EST where we will go over the week’s subject and handouts/worksheets. Then on Thursday at 1pm EST I will be available for a one hour Q & A session to go over the week and make sure you’re on track for the next week. I assure you, no one will get left behind.

And if you can’t make a session they are available on replay – just log in at a time that suits you.

Over this 4-week online program you will learn:

  • How to effectively take your brand strategy online and which social platforms are best for your business goals. We will even help you figure out your brand essentials.
  • What social media risk is and how to use it to your advantage, how to create social campaigns and contests and how to find opportunities on social that convert.
  • How to efficiently develop and manage engaging content – using free and collaborative tools and our proven creation system: “From Perceptions to Knowledge to Trust.”
  • What analytics you should pay attention to, what free tools you can use and how to translate numbers and observations into meaningful future content. 

This is a value of $1397 but I’m offering it for $497 per seat.

Following the course you will be eligible for our support program which allows you up to 2 hours direct one-on-one access to me per month. This is only available to those who sign up for the course. This can be in a webinar, Skype, phone call or unlimited emails. This is only $400 per month, per business, with a three month commitment. Because everyone has different skills going in to this course, the time could be spent helping you strategize and/or craft content for the next month, review content you create and make recommendations, help you with analytics, and/or help you learn new tools and tricks for the platforms – etc. We typically charge around $1000 for a monthly retainer for this type of support but again I want to make this both valuable and realistic for small to medium sized business. 

Stop the insanity now.

Module #1: Brand Fundamentals and Social Media.

What is Social Media? Why there is no Brand Loyalty. Your customer is not who you think it is. Perception to Knowledge to Trust.

Module #2: Creating Content That Matters (to people other than you).

Using  (P to K to T) to build content. How values and beliefs are the key to authenticity and transparency. Where to put your stake in the ground (or what is your central content piece?). How to build out a content calendar. The newsroom approach (or being prepared to be not prepared).

Module #3: Managing and Monitoring Platforms.

Tips and tricks for setting up platforms. Social Media Risk (What it is. What it isn’t. How risk is born in the boardroom and not on the keyboard. Processes and Documentation).

Module #4: Social Media Analytics. 

What to listen for. What not to pay attention to. What matters for next month’s content. How to organize reports that are meaningful to future engagement.

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Other courses and possible course structures

  • Free webinars

    • How to Create a Kick Ass Content Calendar using Trello
    • Straight Outta SMMW16
    • Managing Social Media Risk Beyond “Don’t Post That.”
    • For more info click here.
  • Custom Courses

    • 4 weeks too long? We can do our signature course in 2 sessions of two hours each – within one week.
    • Need one-on-one? We will spend one to six hours with you a month focussing on what you need to learn. Scheduled at a time and frequency that suits you.
    • For more info contact Fiona directly.