Book Fi to talk social media like no one else can.

Get results like no one else is.

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Don’t you feel like everyone knows everything about social media and yet no one knows anything?

Social Media has gone from a buzz word to straight up BS in some quarters. If it’s time to hear some straight talk, then book Fiona Birch for your next corporate event or conference.

A sought after speaker, she recently spoke at the National Global Business Travel Association Conference on social media risk and was booked for future events (by attendees) before she even left the room.  Attendee reviews of her presentations, sessions and workshops repeatedly mention her actionable takeaways that support her hate of theoretical conversations. She believes that each person in the session should leave with something they can act on in the next 7 days.

Kick your next event up a notch (or two) and book Fiona to make your audience look at social media in a way they haven’t before. And more importantly – use social media in a way that will lead to more meaningful brand connections. And more business.