What's your social media risk fitness?

Can you outrun the herd that is now (or will be) following you - if they come at you?

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There’s more to creating a positive digital footprint than “Don’t post that!”

Pro Athletes, you’re in a unique situation – you can amass a huge following with very little effort. Before you know it you’re dealing with all sorts of comments on what seemed to be an innocent post. Or someone has an opinion on something you said or did – even if you didn’t. Worse still, they could have evidence you did.

There has been no shortage of these types of incidences and it can make you wonder why you would even want a social media account.

Here’s why we believe you should have an online digital presence:

  • Be the person creating the biggest impact on your digital presence
  • Learn who your fans are
  • Show potential teams and sponsors your true character
  • Create a fan base and reputation that will take you beyond your pro athlete days

Let us work with you to help you build a strong and positive digital footprint. Then if something threatens that, we will be right there (24/7) to help set it back on the right path.

We work with individuals, teams, agents, organizations and sponsors involved in professional sports across North America. Prior to 17 years building brands, Fiona was an exercise physiologist working with elite athletes in Australia. She attributes this experience to being able to relate to athletes and guide them in a way that makes a difference.


Contact Fiona directly at fbirch@tonicglobal.com or 1-416-452-4905

Fiona Birch has been a crucial part of my social media. Before I started working with her I was behind the trends and really did not know how to promote myself, or the brands I represent on the social media. She helped me understand where my time is best spent and how to build time efficient social media platforms. She is on the cutting edge, understanding what new trends should be followed and which should be left alone. I was able to be one of the first professional triathletes to start using Facebook Live stream which agave me an advantage in the social media world.

Fiona Birch makes sure she works with you to build up your brand in an authentic way, that will show who you are to your fans and sponsors.

She is there to help you navigate all the pit falls of social media. Making sure that the right things are said at the right time. She makes sure that any crises are handled professionally and quickly.

After an early season crash that occurred in one of my races, Fiona was on the phone with me right away building a strategy on how to handle this incident. On the flip side she was crucial in promoting my victories and making sure my fans had a connection with me.

Fiona Birch has an amazing understanding of the social media world and is a great addition to your team.

Taylor Reid

Professional Triathlete