It's time to get real with your audience.

Real-time response campaigns from strategy to execution

Go beyond “Post and Hope.”

Real-time response campaigns are executed in real-time with content that is created on-the-go to match a changing situation or event. They allow you to see what is being said about you or around you. And offer the opportunity to learn about the perceptions and questions your audience has – about your product or service, your industry and the event you’re involved in. 

Tonic Global successfully led the execution of the following real-time response campaigns:


  • McDonald’s Canada Your Questions

    • The Grandaddy of them all. The one that defined transparency for all social media that came after it.
    • Fiona was brought in by Tribal DDB and McDonald’s Canada to lead the execution (very smart Tribal people thought of it and put it all together).
    • 18,000 questions in two, eight week sessions.
  • CIBC’s FIFA World Cup 2014 #SoccerNation

    • As a sponsor of the FIFA World Cup, CIBC ran a Twitter campaign during the event.
    • Fiona was bought in by CIBC’s sponsorship agency, Cundari and worked alongside them and the Juniper Park agency to run the “war room” of community managers.
    • Fiona was responsible for increasing engagement, including getting the #soccernation going throughout the campaign. And making sure that diving in to fan feeds didn’t go “sideways.”
    • This was the most tweeted sporting event in digital history, with CIBC making the biggest splash.
  • CIBC’s PanAm/Para PanAm Games 2015

    • CIBC sponsored the Games and ran many online and offline initiatives during the event.
    • Fiona was brought back by Cundari and CIBC to execute the real-time response campaign and oversee the “Net New” aspects from a risk perspective. (These are the digital assets that are created by the agency ahead of time for an event.) The “war room” was run out of the Tonic Global office, entirely by the Tonic Global team.
    • Fiona was responsible for increasing engagement, including getting the #panamazing going throughout the campaign. And making sure that diving in to fan feeds didn’t go “sideways.”
    • CIBC garnered the most impressions (76.5 million) and engagement (13.2 million) of any other sponsors or brands at the Games.
  • Oxford Properties “Mrs Claus” campaign 2015

    • 10 malls particpated in a 6 week campaign to encourage women to spoil themselves leading up to the holidays.
    • Each mall had three social media platforms and an in-house community manager, 30 platforms in total were run.
    • Fiona trained the community managers and oversaw the campaign throughout the six weeks.
    • Individual mall campaigns ran concurrently and Fiona helped the malls incorporated the Mrs Claus campaign into that specific mall’s brand and own marketing efforts.
  • FCB6 CannesMeow – Stepped in for one day

    • FCB6 ran a twitter campaign throughout Cannes Lion event
    • They developed an app to support the campaign called “CannesMeow”
    • Fiona stepped in at short notice (less than 48 hours) to run the “war room”
    • She was able to step in without training to execute a 12 hour shift to cover off an unexpected staff shortage